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We trying to nurture a community where people are polite, friendly and helpful to each other. Unfortunately there are a few bad eggs out there who make it their life's purpose to make people's lives miserable or otherwise do harm. It is because of such people that we even need to have an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Your contributions, in the form of blog, forum, or news posts, comments or any other files or materials you post or upload are subject to this AUP. Abiding by this AUP is a condition of your membership and continued use of any of the PMLP websites.


The Post-Modern Lifestyle Project (hereinafter "PMLP"), through various media, including seminars, publications and journals including this website, and other communication, makes certain information publicly available. Such information is collectively referred to as the "Content". The contributors of such Content are referred to as "Content Providers".

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